31 days of House and Home: Modest Monday

Okay, I’ve decided I’ll go ahead and incorporate Modest Mondays with the Modest Mom into the 31 Day Challenge. So here’s today’s post. One of the items I bought during our free time on the Women’s Retreat was a lovely linen tiered skirt on clearance for $1!! Yay! So I wore it to church yesterday.

I paired it with a yellow top I found at a thrift store several years ago and my go-to black cardigan, also from a thrift store. The necklace came from a local store and has interchangeable pendants, so you just swap out the pendant depending on the color/style for each outfit. And the flower in my hair was a gift from my mother in law.

And my brand new Sanitas, even though their the same style as my old ones that became worn out.

What are  you wearing?

The scripture for me today is 1 John 4:4 ” The man who says, ‘I know him,’ but does not do what he commands is a liar, and the truth is not in him.”

It can be so easy to say we know God and follow Him, but turn around and disobey His commandments because we want to do “fun” things like everyone else, or we don’t want to look to different from others. But the Christian life isn’t a popularity contest or a place to do anything we want. So many people are telling us that we only have one life, that we should do whatever makes us happy, that we’re in charge of our own “destinies.” No wonder we’re as confused as the rest of the world! If we’re listening to the ideas the world is spouting at us, and if we’re not spending time seeking God in His word, it can be hard to remember what He has commanded us to do, or easy to ignore what He is saying to us. All we may hear, is the loud “voice” telling us to grab whatever we want, be happy and ignore God. I know that some think God is only interested in rules, but He is more interested in our hearts than anything! He knows that joy is more important than happiness, and that there is an amazing life waiting for believers to live with God forever! So I’m choosing true freedom and a life of serving the One who loves me more than any other could! So the question is: Do I want to be a liar, in front of God and the world? Because every day is a struggle obey God instead of just doing my own selfish thing. I’m so thankful that God is gracious with me in this, because it really is an everyday struggle to choose to obey, even though I am deeply loved by the One I struggle to obey.

What is God telling you today?



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