Cycle in Style

So a few weeks ago, someone from England ordered several of my Miniature Bicycle Vases. After he ordered, he told me that they’re for an event he’s hosting. He gave me the website for their business and the event, and it sounds like such a fun idea, so I thought I’d share it with everyone. They even have a bicycle that makes smoothies!

It doesn’t take long!
Underseat steer recumbent

The name of the event is Cycle in Style:

“As part of the Chatsworth Road Festival we are organising a ‘Cycle in Style’ ride. Based on the world movement of ‘Cycle Chic’. Come and join us for a relaxed ride.”

He said he’d share photos of the event after it’s over, so I’ll share those later. I think the first arrivals receive the vases with a flower inside, so they can Cycle in Style!

Wouldn’t it be fun to participate in this fun bike ride?! Pop on over to my shop to see all of the vases I have left!

Truly Skrumptious on Etsy!


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