31 days of Heart and Home: Bearing One Another’s Burdens

I love how God works things together so perfectly! The scripture in today’s devotional is Galations 6:2 “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Sadly, bearing one another’s burdens seems to be a lost practice these days, as everyone focuses so much on their own lives. So it becomes even more special when someone takes the time to come alongside you and help to bear your burden!

I received 2 special cards in the mail from 2 women who want me to know they are bearing the burden of  the loss of my father with me. These 2 cards touched me sooo much! It really makes a difference to know people care and are there for you. Every time I receive a little cheer-up note or picture, each of these help a little. I’m so thankful for those who are reaching out and helping to bear my burden through this time! I also know that it is a blessing to be the one bearing another’s burden. God is so amazing!

Isaiah 41:6 “Everyone helped his neighbor, and said to his brother, ‘Be of good courage!’ ”

How good are you at bearing other people’s burdens? Do you have people in your life who help carry your burdens?


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