Modest Mondays: A Cheerful Dress

Yesterday I decided to wear an Autumn colored dress, even though we don’t really get an Autumn season here, and it’s still just as hot as it has been all summer long. But this dress is so thin and cool, so it kills two birds with one stone. What I didn’t realize was that the color also reminds me of my dad and his smiley, optimistic personality. :> We also bought some sunflowers for the same reason, and spent some time remembering him. It really helped, since there wasn’t time for me to get to Portland for the memorial service. And my sweetie realized he missed something on the tour of my old home this summer. We didn’t see the famous smooth, concrete floor basement my brothers and I would roller skate in on those rainy Portland days, right around my dad’s train set he would set up in the center. Good old days!

So here’s what I wore:

This cheery dress, a summer purchase from Kohl’s.

I adore the detailing on the bodice!

I wore my Claddagh earrings: a gift from the in-laws, also from Kohl’s.

And my cuter, less clunky Sanitas.

Make sure you pop over to the Modest Mom site to see other Modest Monday posts.I also love the Deep Roots at Home, A Portrait of Feminine Dress series! And this post by Smithspirations, Modesty Matters!

What are you wearing?



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