Saying Goodbye to my Father

My childhood years were a complicated mix of fun and not so great, coupled with those “I’m adopted” feelings. My childhood left me with a lot of baggage to carry into my adulthood. But two of the  things I know to be true: my heavenly Father has always loved me, and my earthly father loved me! I take so much comfort from that after learning that my dad died last week. He wasn’t always good at showing it to us girls, especially when we hit those awkward teen years. But he showed it in his own way, including me in activities with my brothers at hockey, baseball and basketball games, family camp at Black Lake and joining Indian Princesses with me. He only said the words once that I remember, but he still showed it. My closest sister is almost 9 years younger, so I did a lot of things with the guys. Yet I’ve NEVER been a tomboy! At all! My dad’s temperament was definitely more suited to raising 11 children than my mom’s…or mine! His laid back attitude was a lot like my sweetie’s…his sense of humor as well.

Although the mourning would still be hard, it would be easier if I knew he had chosen to follow Jesus Christ as his Savior and I would see him again one day in heaven and on the new earth. I’m so thankful I’ll be there, but of course it makes me sad that none of my relatives have made that decision. The one person that MAY have was my dad. It’s troubling to think of spending an eternity apart from the ones you love. I won’t be praying for him now, the time for his decision has past. And I know that I will be extremely content to be with my Savior for eternity, but I still hope my dad made the choice to be there too. :>

So today I pray for my family as they also mourn, and pray that they would see that they need to figure out what happens to them when they die. Most of all I know that God is in control of it all and the Bible tells me I can trust Him…with everything! I will miss my dad though!

So, In Loving Memory of my Father:

Jas 4:8a  “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.”

Ps 73:28 But it is good for me to draw near to God: I have put my trust in the Lord GOD, that I may declare all thy works.


2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to my Father

  1. I am praying with you too Tiffanie. I was adopted as well and out of my immediate family only one person that I know accepted the Lord. I hope my Mom did but will not know till I get to Heaven. May the God of all comfort hold you close as you grieve the loss of your Father.

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