More Tillamook Products

I found more Tillamook  products at our Target. Whoo Hoo!!!! Maybe they’re finally trickling down to our state…yay! There I was, just minding my own business, when bam, there they were! Can you tell that I’m excited? I may get tired of sweating day after day, but this little taste of home is so comforting to this transplanted Oregonian. Welcome to California Tillamook!

The icing on the cake? I did some research after our vacation, and found a WinCo in Long Beach. Saturday after Women of Faith in Aneheim, we introduced the in-laws to this great store, and for the first time  my father-in-law was the last one out of a store!! :>  He never understood what we were raving about, because the only thing we had to compare it to was Food for Less…NO COMPARISON at all! WinCo has such better food and prices…and tons of bulk items!

Such yummy comforts of home!


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