Modest Mondays

Okay, my weekends and Mondays have been a bit crazy, making my Modest Mondays posts late. But here I am again, better late than never! To see more modest or homemaking tips and encouragement, pop over to the Modest Mom or Raising Homemakers website!

Here’s what I wore for the first night of Women of Faith with my mother-in-law. We go together every year! :>

The black top is from WalMart, I believe. The skirt is from several years ago, so I would guess it probably came from Mervyn’s?

The necklace is from Forever 21, with some sweet charms. I need to get some photos into the locket!

I took the hoops my husband bought for me several years ago at a jewelry shop in Portland, and stole the black balls off of a cheap Avon pair, and voila!

Of course we did a lot of walking, including up and down lots of stairs, so I had no other option but to wear my hard core Sanitas.

Happy outfit choosing!



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