Desiring Children and Timothy Green

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

After seeing The Odd Life of Timothy Green tonight (Thursday), I have found my sad days movie! Although a couple of issues bother me, a boy magically “growing” out of the ground/their desires and some environmentalism, I really loved how everything was portrayed…the imperfect parents, mom and dad both struggling with desiring children/losing Timothy, the parents and Timothy loving each other unconditionally. I could go on and on. I LOVED this film!! I feel like this is the film we’ve been waiting for the past 10 years since our Sweet Girl was taken from us back to her birth mother.  The Raggedies above are in honor of her!

I had no idea this would be such an emotional film for me. I figured there might be a few tears, but I wasn’t prepared for the onslaught of emotions. You see, I thought it was a nice heartwarming film about parents who want a child, and they magically get one. He’s quirky and different, and ? What I didn’t realize was the devastation that comes when he has to go away, and now they’re faced with picking up the pieces all over again.

What I also didn’t realize was that so MANY things would remind me of our experience with our own Sweet Girl and our struggles with remaining childless in our 40’s. I loved how the film portrayed a good (although imperfect) father who also had real emotions of loss, and was a strong support to his wife. I also really loved Jennifer Garner’s portrayal of the childless wife. She expressed so well the way I feel, the intense emotions you feel that most people just can’t comprehend of. Every.Single.Day is a struggle to live through and feel thankful for, as Every.Single.Day you are reminded that God has said no to your dream. Yet He still calls me to be thankful and trust that He knows what’s best. That can be really hard when you’ve dreamed your entire life of being mom, He hasn’t taken the desire away, you have a gift with children and ache for one of your own. Our 16 months as parents to our Sweet Girl were far too short!

It was very hard and emotional for me to watch this film. And let’s face it, I reverted to the ugly cry a few times. But it was also encouraging! Maybe it was seeing someone actually tackle this content WELL, maybe it was reliving our early days with Sweet Girl, maybe it was the authentic portrayals by the mom, dad and Timothy. I honestly haven’t had time to analyze or process it yet.  But I do know that it works. First October Baby, now The Odd Life of Timothy Green. And my emotional journey home to Oregon. It’s been a HUGE summer for me!!! I think God must have some major plans in the works for me!






5 thoughts on “Desiring Children and Timothy Green

  1. Lovely, touching post. I’m saying a prayer for you and Steve tonight. May God’s tender mercies surround and comfort you.

  2. I am looking forward to watching this movie even more now. I can’t even begin to imagine the heartache you have experienced over the loss of your daughter! I do know the heartache of watching and waiting a really long time and seeing doors open and then close. I do understand what the wait can be like: ,; and I know what it is like to experience death of a vision —

    Keep on hoping, keep on asking, keep on seeking!


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