Oregon…Part 10

After a few weeks posting about other things, I’m getting back to our vacation log!

We finished up our beach visit and headed to Portland. The only time that worked to meet up with some friends, was to take hwy 30 into town and meet them on their way to Fort Stevens. So that’s what we did! It was sooo great to see them, even for such a short visit! Then my sweetie followed the GPS for a Washington detour. I wanted to relive the entire 30 route, but c’est la vie. The detour did take us past Jantzen Beach, but I learned it has all been torn down except for the old sign, to be in big box stores. Sad…

My husband likes this bridge…

Next we drove past our first apartment together as newlyweds! It’s now a an Insurance business or something, and they moved the door and such, but fun to see. Then it was time to go get the RV parked and settle in for the night, because we had more things to do in the morning and just a few days in Portland!

Only a few days left of our trip, so stay tuned…  ; >


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