My Sweetie’s Birthday!

We had a busy weekend and one of the fun events was celebrating my sweetie’s birthday. His parents drove the 4 hours to help us celebrate and his 2 requests were a barbeque with steaks, potatoes and salad, and this yummy Chocolate Roll Cake! I think this was the first recipe I made with my Kitchenaid, and he really associates this cake with the machine, like it was made for this cake. Probably just the combination of machine, sugar and men!!

Anyway, he loves this cake and I surprised him by adding some of these cute mushroom cookies from Cost Plus, aka World Market. I covered 3 of them with red icing and added little “sprinkle” dots because we LOVE these mushrooms and they reside in the town where we met! The first card my husband ever gave me had 2 mice sitting atop one. So I knew he would love this surprise…and he did!

We enjoyed our dessert while halfway through the gift opening.

We later added the skier saved from the amazing chocolate cake they serve at Tahoe Joe’s…he fit right in!

How was your weekend?


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