The Art of Crocheting

I really enjoyed this sweet post on crocheting and mentoring today over at Heroines of the Faith! it’s well worth a read! It got me thinking about the art of crocheting also. I first learned to crochet by accompanying my mom and grandma to their knitting/crocheting classes at a community college when I was a kid. I don’t remember anyone actually teaching us, I think we just picked it up by watching everyone every week. I didn’t take to knitting in those days. I think I thought it was to slow and tedious, but I’m starting to finally enjoy it! I’ve been crocheting ever since those classes, and teaching myself new things all the time. And people really love a sweet handmade gift, as demonstrated at a baby shower this weekend by the mom-to-be.

Don’t forget to hop on over and read Heroines of the Faith’s great post!

Are you crafty in some way that encourages you and others?

Here are a few of my most recent creations:


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