Project Bag

I was given this Tote-N-Go “Harper Bag” kit from my cousin-in-law for my birthday? Christmas? Sometimes I confuse them, since they are only 2 days apart! I wanted to get started on it immediately, but alas, although I cut it out within a month or two, I never put it together until just before our July trip. That way I could show it off to the giver! From the beginning I planned that this would be my new project bag, as the origami bag my mother- in-law made for me several years ago out of elephant fabric, is sometimes too small for the project I’m working on.

I LOVE this bag sooooo much! It’s so happy and fun! And pretty easy, if you ignore some of the directions. I also changed it a little bit, shocker. I LOVE changing things to make them more “me” and often make my own patterns.

I didn’t take real DIY photos, but here are the photos I do have of my fabulous reversible bag!!!
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