Yummy Tillamook Ice Cream

On the heels of our 2 week trip to Oregon, I decided do a little research again and see if maybe someone was finally selling Tillamook ice cream here. I was happily surprised to discover that Von’s carries it now!! I couldn’t contain my excitement over this wonderful news! I waited 4 long years to enjoy THE BEST ice cream while we were in Oregon, and then I discover the treasure is finally available in my own “backyard!” Yay!!!!

Tillamook is my favorite brand and I’ve been eating it my whole life. My family would camp for 10 days EVERY summer at Cape Lookout, which is just outside of Tillamook in Oregon, with all of the relatives. We would have adjoining camp sites and have a great time together. EVERY trip also meant a trek in to the Tillamook Cheese Factory and the Pioneer Museum. and yummy Tillamook ice cream, of course.

My favorite flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip. What  makes it better? That creamy Tillamook yumminess, AND their BIG CHUNKS of chocolate!!!  Mmmmmmmmmm!! There is NOTHING else like it!

My second favorite is Brown Cow, but now they call it Udderly Chocolate. Milk chocolate, white chocolate and chocolate chips. I don’t even usually like white chocolate. but yummm!

Our local Von’s only had this one, but the checker works at both local stores and offered to order my favorite for our store! Thanks! I just picked it up today…yay!!

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor/brand?


2 thoughts on “Yummy Tillamook Ice Cream

  1. I hope that Von’s doesn’t slow down your visits to us in Oregon. :^) I may have to buy some soon for the Bosco!

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