Oregon…Part 9

We spent our last day at the beach preparing the RV and such to head to Portland the next day, then off to Cannon Beach to walk around the conference center and see our old homes, as well as new buildings they’ve built. The last visiting too. The extra relatives had left, but we squeezed in one last visit with my sweetie’s aunt and uncle that night. His uncle had 2 scares while we were there because of reactions to medication and we were with them both times. Glad to be an encouragement to them during some of these stressful times they’re going through. First off, the Cannon Beach Farmer’s Market across from The Irish Banks with pretty flowers, then a jaunt through the woods I used to love. A bit more difficult these days, with thorns and trailblazing a path.

Next, off to The Cannon Beach Conference Center

Next, I had one last  visit with my dear friend while my sweetie visited with a friend. On my way back to CBCC to pick him up, I took a quick peek of the famous Haystack Rock we love so much!

My perfect beach weather!

A little gift for the aunt and uncle…

Another fun-filled day!


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