Oregon…Part 8

Monday was our last chance for a trip to Tillamook and a visit to The Pioneer Museum, Netarts (one of our honeymoon locations), Cape Lookout and The Cheese Factory! These are all places my family enjoyed every year growing up and my husband’s family now also enjoys. We were enthralled by some darling birds we came across at The Terimore in Netarts. I realized later that my camera somehow was on the wrong setting though, it does that sometimes when I take it out of it’s case, but still okay photos.

On the way we tried to find the location of the restaurant we found on our way to Netarts after our wedding, because we were STARVING. Does anyone get to eat at their wedding? : > We found it! It was remodeled, with new owners, but still there, and the owner chatted with us a bit. I’m amazed we found it as it was dark, raining and we were not very observant of anything but each other at the time, but we did. It was called “Bayside Gardens” then.
We also saw what we called “the octopus tree swing” at Cape Lookout, the “airplane tree” we all used to “fly” and the “kissing sea monsters” out in the water.
Warning: Tons of photos!!!


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