Oregon…Part 7

We spent the next few days tooling around with relatives and meeting up with old friends. The above flowers are cheering up my cousin-in-law’s house, with more cute things below. We ate the BEST Mexican food at our favorite place The Stand! I was so excited to get my rice and beans after a 4 YEAR hiatus, that I forgot to take a photo…YUMMY! And I loved the mosaic tabletop of Cannon Beach’s Haystack Rock! Visited with 3 other visiting relatives as well as  the 4 who live there. Ate some Irish food at McKeown’s that was okay, but a tad bit American tasting and showed off the cove, the popular surfing spot for Seaside and ate THE BEST ICE CREAM ON THE PLANET: TILLAMOOK! My favorite flavor is Chocolate Chip Mint with their BIG chunks of chocolate yumminess!!!!!!!!!!!! No one else does this!!!

It was such a blessing spending time with family and friends!


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