Oregon…Part 3

Also on day 3 we headed to Eugene to toodle around my old college campus (yes, I’m a Duck!) and meet with an old college friend of mine. After a late start there was only time for lunch with my friend Shannon. After 19 years it was great to catch up and hug! What a blessing to have lifelong friends you can be comfortable with. We then had a few minutes for my sweetie to pop into nearby Cabela’s and live like Mike on “Last Man Standing.” He has been dreaming about visiting this store for a long time!

Then we got on the road and headed to Philomoth to meet my birth mother. For the record, I had met her before, but we parted after 2 years due to my mom feeling threatened by her. We’ve been communicating for about a year and a half through email and we were pretty comfortable after a short time of visiting. It was interesting learning new things about her and the family. I saw a lot of my sister in her. The meeting went so well, we were heading out later than planned, so we decided to drive part way and spend the night before driving out for the Cannon Beach 4th of July parade! More about that next time.


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