Oregon…Part 1

I’ve sneaked away from friends and family to finally steal a few minutes to myself and write. It’s been 4 years since we’ve been “home” to Oregon (except for a whirlwind trip in March to celebrate the in-laws 50th anniversary). And here we are! Since we’ve lived in California for 8 years now, the real “landmark moment that we’re getting closer to green and Oregon is always Mt. Shasta for me ( and FORESTS), and this year I was finally able to snap the shots I always dream of.

Shasta also reminds me of drinking Shasta pop as a kid, and the old commercial, “I wanna pop, pop, pop, pop. I wanna Shhhasta!” So I sing it every time we pass through the town. And yes, I know we live in the land of “soda” now, but it will still always be pop to me!

I have MANY more photos to come, so stay tuned…






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